Monika Natkaniec-Papp

Born in 1980. Graduate of the Interior Design Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Diploma with distinction and the medal of the Academy of Fine Arts headed by prof. A. Głowacki in 2004. Degree of doctor of fine arts in the discipline of design art in 2014, under the supervision of dr hab. J. Kubicz.
From 2015 to the present, she works as an adjunct at the Faculty of Arts at the Pedagogical University in Krakow (the art and seign department).
She deals with pro-social design, sustainable design, environmetal and interior design. She is also the supervisor of the first and second degree theses.
She has been dealing with interior architecture, design and didactics since the end of his studies in 2004. She approaches the design with multidisciplinarity. Continually redefines the concept of privacy, sense of comfort, perception. Remembering and caring for the artistic character of her work, she uses selected activities and her own artistic forms, treating them as inspirations, forms of expression, or elements of the designed space Moreover, since 2004 she has been dealing with interior design. Together with Magdalena Pinczyska, they create interior design studio.
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