Maura Favero

Maura Favero has a PhD in Contemporary Art History and obtained the degree in Scuola di Specializzazione in Beni Storico-Artistici (Specialization School of Historical and Artistic Legacy) at Sapienza University in Rome.
Since 2006 she takes care of reorganizing, inventorying and cataloguing of contemporary artarchives, often working with artists in the management and valorizations of their private archives.She worked with Fondazione Baruchello in Rome (2006-2014), a private foundation born of Gianfranco Baruchello's archive, an artist who began working at the end of 1950s. In 2016 she collaborated with LIMA in Amsterdam, foundation specialized in solutions of networkstorage, research and conservation of video and digital art; in 2020 she collaborated with ICCDIstituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (Central Institute for Catalogue andDocumentation) in Rome taking part to the project of valorization of photograph collection withinthe constitution of the Italian Digital Library.
Since 2016 she collaborates with MAXXI National Museum of XXI century arts in Rome, especially by supporting the activities of documentation and cataloguing of Art Collection, and byfollowing construction processes and necessary documentation for artwork's acquisition. She teaches Metodologie di archiviazione e conservazione dell'arte digitale (Methodologies ofarchiving and preservation of Digital Art) at Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan and Curarel'archivio (How curate an Archive) in the course of high standard training in Curatore Museale e diEventi (Museum and Events Curator) at IED (European Design Institute) in Rome.
She has also given lectures at courses of High Standard Training, such as Course in Contemporary Archives Administration at Archivio Centrale dello Stato (Central Archive of State) in Rome and MAXXI KNOW HOW at MAXXI Museum about the care and management of contemporary artarchives, and at the Italian Language and Culture Summer School of Sapienza University of Rome.

She has been Contemporary Art History Fellow and Bachelor's thesis co-rapporteur at SapienzaUniversity of Rome (2008-2018) and in 2012-2013 she has been tutor of American students at Middlebury College School in Italy, Florence.

She coordinated workshop and artist residencies at Fondazione Baruchello (Ipotesi ed esercizi perun archivio del paesaggio, 3.10.2009; Diego Bonetto. Landscape: joining the dots, 2009-2010). She supervised exhibitions, symposiums and publications (La rosa e il cavolfiore. L’immaginazioneal bivio, symposium curated by C. Subrizi, Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna, Rome, 13.05.2009; Baruchello. Certe idee, exhibition curated by A. Bonito Oliva and C. Subrizi at Galleria nazionaled’arte moderna, Rome, and catalogue Electa, Milan 2011; Baruchello. Certain ideas, exhibitioncurated by A. Bonito Oliva, C. Subrizi, D. Luckow, P. Weibel, H. Falckenberg at Deichtorhallen
Hamburg/Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg 2014 and ZKM/Center for art and media, Karlsruhe2014-2015, and catalogue, Electa, Milan 2014; Bruna Esposito. e così sia/Amen, exhibition atMAXXI and catalogue, Manfredi edizioni, Rome, 2017).
With Prof. Stefano Mula she translated in Italian language The Viewer and the Printed Image inLate Medieval Europe by David S. Areford (La nave e lo scheletro. Le stampe di Jacopo Rubierialla Biblioteca Classense di Ravenna, Bononia University Press, Bologna 2017).
She attends international conferences and seminars as speaker: IV Encuentro Nacional sobre Registro, Documentaciόn y Conservaciόn de Arte Contemporáneo (4th National Meeting onregistration, documentation and preservation of Contemporary Art), organized by Direcciόn Nacional de Bienes y Sitos Culturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina (5-8.10.2020); Living Matter / LaMateria Viva, organized by Getty Conservation Institute, MUAC-ENCRyM, Mexico City (3-5.06.2019); Generi e soggettività nelle pratiche artistiche contemporanee (Genders andsubjectivities in the contemporary artistic practices), Real Academia de Espana in Rome(8.03.2019); Turning Point. Pensiero ecologico (Turning Point. Ecological thought), FondazioneBaruchello, Rome (31.01.2019).