Lorella Giudici

Professor of Contemporary Art History at the Brera Academy in Milan.
(1965) After a degree in Modern Literature with a historical-artistic address at the State University of Milan and a degree in painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, she curates exhibitions and deals with art between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with particular interest in the period between two wars. For some years she edited the archive of Antonio Calderara (of which in 1997 he curated an anthological exhibition, Mazzotta catalog, Milan). She writes for TGCOM and for magazines in the sector. She is a member of the scientific committee of Remo Bianco Foundation, Sangregorio Foundation and Dadamaino Archive. She has been director of the Landscape Museum of Verbania for two years. Among the numerous publications and curators we mention: Edgar Degas. Letters and testimonies, Abscondita 2002; Medardo Rosso. Writings on sculpture, Abscondita 2003; Giorgio Morandi. Letters, Abscondita 2004; Remo Bianco. Beyond gold, exhibition at Complesso del Vittoriano, Rome (Silvana Editoriale catalog) 2006 ; Gauguin. Noa Noa and letters from Thaiti (1891-1893), Abscondita 2007; Letters of the Macchiaioli, Abscondita 2008; La Giostra dell’Apocalisse, exhibition at the Rotonda della Besana, Milan ( Silvana Editoriale catalog) 2008; Monet, Mon histoire. Thoughts and testimonies, Abscondita 2009; Giuseppe Ajmone. The friends of Corrente and the Manifesto of Realism, exhibition at Fondazione Corrente 2018; Maria Lai, “La Nuova Sardegna” 2019; Mario Sironi, “La Nuova Sardegna” 2019; Remo Bianco. The footprints of memory, exhibition at Museo del '900, Milan (Silvana Editoriale catalog) 2019; Ernesto Treccani. On the centenary of his birth. Art and life, Silvana Editoriale Milan 2021.