Jedrzej Rusin

Graduted in sound engineering and vibroacoustics from Krakow (AGH, Tyniecka Sound Production School). Sound design is his passion, including all aspects: generating, composing, recording and producing.
He works on artistic, as well as commercial fields. Has released 3 long play records with two influential contemporary music labels performed many live concerts, took part in numerous audio-visual installations/performances, created sound/music for video games and apps, and has been involved in other sound art ventures.
Since 2009, he has been the chief Sound Engineer of the Krakow Opera – working side-by-side with world leading conductors and directors, mixing countless shows and designing custom sound for certain ballets and operas. His works have been showcased in various major European cities: Vienna (Contemporary Art Museum), Berlin (Avit - Licence to screen festival), Yokohama (Red Brick Warehouse Gallery), Rome (LPM festival), Warsaw (Free Form Festival, Zacheta Gallery), Wrocław (Biennale WRO), Gdańsk (Narracje Festival), Kraków (Krakows Theatrical Reminiscences, Bunkier Sztuki, Mangha), and others...