Providing an extended knowledge of the interaction between the elements that are Product and Brand, defining, credibility, uniqueness, loyalty of the brand; commercialization and definition of the product in accordance with the brand promises, creating the identity, idea and image of the brand, also in the consciousness of the recipient, giving products and services the strength of the brand; implementation of new technologies in design, with particular focus on brand and product identity building, as well as conscious and responsible creation of brand identity, based on the concept of branding strategy, creation of brand image through various technologies with an emphasis on virtual technologies.


The programme is aimed at developing skills of analysis, searching and defining needs, building, creating and realising own methods, skills of actions and project concepts resulting from various assumptions connected with building brand identity on many levels. The aim of the programme is to acquaint the student with advanced knowledge of issues related to branding, branding strategies and the introduction and use of new technologies in independent work.


Students gain the ability to comprehensively develop the image, identity of a brand and its products, readiness to take action in the process of branding strategy, develop new ideas and ways to implement the project through comprehensive activities in the field of graphic identification and creation of brand and product image. Development of competences in terms of skillfully combining themes from many genres in the design process, ability to present ideas and solutions, independent use of developed abilities. Knowledge and ability to use contemporary technologies in design and their functioning. The ability to analyse and select comprehensive development of an image, brand identity using new technologies in design.

Empatia ● Tolerancja ● Wykluczenie
Empatia ● Tolleranza ● Esclusione

The Zachęta Gallery hosted the finale of the 10th edition of Spojrzenia 2021, which for over 20 years has presented the most significant phenomena in Polish art at any given time. It not only scores the best, but above all draws attention to what is important, current, socially and politically discussed.
Finalists include the 18-strong collective of male and female photographers from the Archive of Public Protest, (A-P-P), whose artistic practices respond vividly to the crisis-stricken present.
They create a platform for the distribution of images related to socio-political tensions in Poland after 2015.
The archive collects visual traces of social activism, grassroots initiatives of opposition to political decisions, violations of democratic principles and human rights. It is a collection of images formulating a warning against growing populism and discrimination in its broadest sense: xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and climate catastrophe.

Remembering the events that took place on Polish streets after 2015 is a category that is important from the point of view of concern for the future. It is also an attempt to show solidarity with those (who) oppose violations of the law, discrimination, violence on a daily basis.
Photography is their evidence of these phenomena, their witness or description, but also the effect of their involvement.

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