Davide Petullà

Professor of Architectural Design of Style and Furniture, Professor of Drawing and Surveying of Cultural Heritage, Set designer.
He has been teaching stage design at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts since 1997. He has been an assistantset designer since his training and set designer for a number of young companies, and with his group won the 1993 ETI Vetrine Prize. Always interested in stimulating reflection between the represented space and itscommunicative function, attracted by the experimentation of materials and techniques of set design applied to the context of mask and figure theatre, he leads workshops and laboratories on set design and materials for schools. At Brera he is the promoter of a series of collaborations and theatrical productions whose aim is the realisation of small productions to be entrusted to students of set design in partnership with large theatrical institutions in the Milanese area and beyond. He holds courses for the School of Cultural Heritage Valorisation within the Department of the same name, for the School of Restoration and the School of Set Design. Since 2000 he has held managerial positions within the latter, and today he is the coordinator of the teaching activities of the specialisation courses of the same School. For the three-year period 2016/2018 he is the contact person for the Accademia di Brera for the Turandot project, leading workshops for students from the People's Republic of China on the themes of project methodology and design applied to Design and Scenography. Since his arrival in Milan, he has been collaborating with the Associazione Teatro Giovani of Serra San Quirico, coordinating groups of stage design interns for the Rassegna Nazionale Teatro della Scuola. Since 2013 she has been a holistic counsellor, practising re-birthing and dealing with relationshipsand help therapy.