Cesare Camardo

Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera, Milan.
He began his activity as a graphic designer in Milan, from 1989, for the publishing houses (Arcana, Muzio, Bruno Mondadori, Bompiani) and in advertising agencies (Campaign and communication care for Mattel, L'Oreal, Poste Italiane, Carefour, Macromedia, Omnitel, Bonomelli, among others).
During these years, parallel to the profession of graphic designer, he deepened his studies in cinematography, attending the Civic School of Cinema in Milan, practiced in parallel the activity of camera operator and later of director, in the world of videoclips and musical documentary (Universal, Polygram, EMI, ECM records, RTSI).
He has directed his attention to the fields of expressive experimentation through visual techniques linked to the pedagogy of images in relation to music.
Areas of interest and research: iconology, graphic design, painting, music, all the evolutionary, generative and degenerative audio-visual languages present on the web.
He teaches “Graphic design”, from 2011 at Academy of Fine Arts Brera, in Milan; “Packaging design”, from 2018 at ISIA (Higher Academy Institute for Art Industries) in Faenza; “Graphic design”, from 2021 at Academy of Fine Arts, in Firenze.