Anna Syczewska ANNISS

An interdisciplinary artist and designer. The area of her professional activity concerns the scope of wide design, where she uses her multidimensional artistic experience.
Professionally, she is primarily involved in fashion design and Virtual Reality fashion and object design, moreover video, photography and performance art. She is the creator of the ANNISS brand, whose aesthetics is located on the border of timeless rock classics, futurism and reinterpreted elegance.
Her work has been presented at many festivals and art reviews in Europe and around the world, including China, Mexico, Canada, USA, France, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and fashion weeks, including London Fashion Week and Fahionphilosophy Fashion Week Poland. 

Studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow and at the University of Wolverhampton Design & Media Arts. She is currently working at Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the Fashion Design and Textiles Studio at the Faculty of Interior Design, where she also runs the Fashion Start Up project, which consist of Virtual Reality Studio and VR Fashion Design Workshop.